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Riverdale Dunthorpe Patrol
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Let's Talk about your Security Needs

Commercial Security

As business owners, we understand that you location is more than a building; it contains your livelihood.  Protection it is a high priority.  Security patrols are an economical way to provide that "ounce of prevention".  With over 40 years experience providing security services in Southwest Portland, Riverdale Dunthorpe Patrol (RDP) has built long-standing relationships with the community.  We believe our relationships, including our close relationship with area law enforcement, enhance our ability to serve our customers.  As your local security partner, we would like to put our reputation to work for you, your employees, tenants and customers.

How can we serve you?

At Riverdale Dunthorpe Patrol we have a wide variety of clientele, each with services customized to their specific needs.  This affords us an array of experiences from which to provide you with the best security possible.

Alarm Response

As first responders to an alarm, RDP can provide a more thorough check than a police officer - often with a faster response time.  A RDP officer will check the entire premises inside and out and if necessary, immediately alert the client and/or the authorities of any problems.  If the premises is secure, we can reset the alarm and report our actions during normal business hours.  This will reduce after-hours disruptions to your management or staff and reduces local false alarm charges.

Property Management

People's perception of the safety of your property is an integral part of attracting tenants to your facility.  The visibility of security patrols increases this sense of safety.  We are knowledgeable in many aspects of security systems including keyless entry systems, video recording, security lighting and more.  We are available to meet with management and tenants to discuss security concerns and provide recommendations.

Small Business or Retail Store

Merchandise, property, as well as customers and employees are all valuable assets keeping you in business.  Their security is a daunting task that is often set aside or overlooked.  We can help you identify, prioritize and address specific security needs.  Delegate these tasks to RDP so you can concentrate on growing your business.

Construction Site

Job sites pose a unique security problem.  The ability to security tools and equipment can be limited.  Often buildings may be open enough for transients, thieves, vandals and other trespassers to congregate or seek shelter.  RDP can deter unwanted visitors with security patrols when your workers are not present.  If your site is better protected than the next site, chances are they will not stop at yours.

Riverdale Dunthorpe Patrol can help your business by:

  • Providing screened, state certified, uniform officers.
  • Create a customized security evaluation and plan.
  • Providing 24 hour, randomized patrols.
  • Providing  regular checks of your building and parking lot.
  • Securing internal and exterior doors.
  • Rapid alarm response.
  • Provide after-hours tenant safety escorts.
  • Assisting accidentally locked-out employees.
  • Providing timely reports of officer.
  • Facilitating emergency responders access to your building.