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June 2012 - Recent Crime

Recent Criminal Activity

Our patrol area enjoys a very low crime rate compared to other parts of the metro area. Even for this area, we have recently enjoyed a period of relative calm. I believe this is due to the identification and arrest of a couple of criminals that stole items from inside vehicles. Unfortunately, that period of calm seems to be at an end. The most recent event was a burglary at a home on Greenwood Road. Prior to this burglary, we received a report of some sporting goods stolen from a garage at one house and, in separate events dating back to last summer, three victims reported stolen bicycles.

I want to highlight the most recent burglary because the victim practiced good home security techniques and subsequently, nothing was taken from their home. The victim left home for a short meeting, but still armed the burglar alarm. The burglar went to a back door, broke a small glass pane and reached through to unlock the door. When the burglar opened the door, the alarm system activated. Evidence at the scene tells a story of a hurried dash to the master bathroom medicine cabinet. With the alarm blaring, the burglar chose to make a hasty retreat without taking any items from the house. This incident highlights two of my favorite reasons for installing and using a burglar alarm. Notification that something is happening at your home and limiting the amount of time a burglar spends at your home. If the burglar had spent more time at this house, losses to the family could have been devastating.

Locking your doors and arming your alarm, even for short trips away, are examples of making yourself and your home a “harder target”. You don’t have to make your home a fortress. You can take small steps that encourage a potential criminal to commit their crime someplace else, or at least limit the amount of damages at your house. Contrast the above example with two of the recent bicycle thefts. One bicycle was taken from an open garage and another was outside a house, visible from the street and not secured with any chain or lock. These bicycles were very easy to steal. Taking small steps can significantly reduce the likelihood of you becoming a victim.

I have been publishing “Security Tips” on our website and I encourage you to read them. As of now there are ten articles with more to come. If you have a question or topic you would like me to cover, please send me an email. I will put your requests at the top of my list.

Updates from RDP

I recently published an updated website. Of course, the website looks better than its predecessor. More importantly, there are the “Security Tips” I mentioned above and an archive of the previous “Newsletters”. There is a contact form to send general inquiries and a special form for clients to notify RDP of dates you will be away from home. Every visit to our website uses HTTPS/SSL to encrypt the information transmitted just like the online banking portion of a bank website.

As you know, I have not used my email list to send a lot of email. In fact, this email is only the fifth email since January or 2010. My plan is to send one email per month unless a situation or incident encourages me to send a special update. I will use the monthly emails to share information and highlight “Security Tip” articles on our website. Don’t worry; I have no intention of filling your inbox.
RDP has a Facebook page ( and a new Twitter account @RDPatrol ( I use these accounts to share information about reported crimes in the area, general security topics and other neighborhood information. If you have Facebook or Twitter accounts, you can have those updates sent to you. You can read the information without an account by visiting the web pages listed here. I also have a section on our website that displays the recent Facebook posts. Of course, you can always call or send an email with any questions.

Crime Maps

The City of Portland maintains a website at that allows you to find a lot of information about individual pieces of property, including reported crimes. Visit the website and enter an address or intersection in the search box. Click on the "Crime" menu for a summary page of reported crimes within a half mile of the specified location. There are additional details broken down by the Uniform Crime Report categories called, Part I and Part II crimes.