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June 25th 2014 - Three Burglaries

The Multnomah County Sheriff’s Office contacted Riverdale Dunthorpe Patrol at 1:53AM this morning (6/25/14). They wanted to make us aware that they were responding to a report of an intrusion into a home on SW Breyman Ave. near SW Edgedliff Rd. A resident had reported their home alarm had awakened them and they saw a man running away from their home. The suspect had found an unlocked door to the master bedroom where the residents were sleeping. After hearing the alarm activate, the suspect fled. Multiple police officers and my night officer responded to the area and began a long search for the suspect, but were not able to locate him.

During the search, the police found a woman’s wallet and purse on a bench on the patio. The wallet contained a driver’s license with an address on SW Breyman near SW Palatine Hill Rd. The residents at that address were unaware of the theft until the police contacted them a little after 3:00AM. The suspect entered this house through an unlocked front door, walked through the house and down a hall to a bedroom with a closed door. The owner of the purse and wallet was asleep in her bed when the suspect entered, walked across the room, retrieved the purse and wallet and then left. No other items appear to have been stolen although other items were disturbed. A debit card and an iPhone were not recovered by the police when they found the purse.

A little after 7:00AM, a resident on SW Military Rd. West of Highway 43 contacted me. She told me about finding her garage door open this morning. Her mountain bike had been stolen from her garage and her unlocked car had been searched. She does not think anything else is missing.

As with vehicle security, closing and locking your doors will go a long way towards preventing these types of crimes. Criminals are walking through the neighborhood and checking cars. Now they appear to be checking homes as well. This is an important change in behavior, because most criminals avoid actions that will get them in big trouble. Home intrusions are a much more serious crime than stealing items from cars or mail from mailboxes. These criminals have not only made the decision to enter homes, but they are doing it with people occupying those homes.

As scary and disturbing as these events were, they could have been much worse. More items could have been taken, but more importantly, people could have been harmed. One of the reasons I am huge advocate for alarm systems was demonstrated last night. The noise scares criminals away and shortens the amount of time they have to spend at the victim’s home. Even though a door was unlocked, nothing was taken and no one was harmed. Contrast that with the house that also left a door unlocked, but did not have an alarm armed. The criminal was able to spend time inside the house, walking around and deciding what and how much to steal. Thankfully the criminal did not have a desire to hurt anyone. Going back to the basics even further, closing & locking all the doors and windows would likely have prevented all three incidents.

I encourage all you who read this to take the incidents from last night as reminder to remain vigilant in the security of your home. Close and lock your doors and windows. I recommend creating a routine where you lock the door when you close it, but if nothing else, please create a “bedtime” routine where you ensure your doors and windows are closed and locked for the night.