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Riverdale Dunthorpe Patrol
P.O. Box 532 Lake Oswego, OR 97034
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The RDP Story

Riverdale Dunthorpe Patrol

For over 50 years Riverdale Dunthorpe Patrol has been serving the Riverdale & Dunthorpe areas of Southwest Portland.  In 1963, Don Adams established RDP when he recognized the high rate of property crimes in the area.  It seemed that word had spread of the beautiful homes and the difficulty authorities had in responding in a timely manor.  Through the diligent service of Don, and later his son Jerry, property crimes decreased substantially.  Kris and Jaelene Quinby assumed ownership in July, 2004 and as the third generation, carry on the same values of integrity, hard work and excellent customer service.  Using his law enforcement experience and his relationships with the deputies and officers assigned to the area, Kris is able to serve as a valuable conduit between his clients and the police.