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Security Tip: Did you lock that door?

Riverdale Dunthorpe Patrol

Did you lock that door?

Have you ever been in bed or away from your home when suddenly that question enters your mind? If you’re in bed have to get up and check the lock or you won’t be able to fall asleep. If you are away from home, that nagging question will distract you until you return home. One technique you can use to reduce and possibly eliminate your concern is to always keep the doors and windows of your home locked. Obviously if you have the window open to allow for air flow, it won’t be locked, but as soon as you close the window, lock it. Likewise with doors, when you close the door lock it. Over time you will build a habit and the muscle memory that locking the door is just a part of closing it and you will “automatically” lock your doors and windows.

Photo by: Brankomaster