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Security Tip: Direct Mail (Junk Mail)

Riverdale Dunthorpe Patrol

Direct (Junk) Mail

Are you tired of receiving unsolicited catalogs, special offers and other advertisements in your mailbox? You can register your name and address with the Direct Mail Association to be removed from the “prospect” mailing lists of nearly 3600 companies that send mail to prospective customers via the postal service. After registering at the web site, you can be removed from all prospect lists or select specify which companies and organizations are allowed to send you mail. If you have purchased something from one of these companies, you will still continue to receive mailings from them as a customer. If you would like to stop receiving mail from companies that consider you a customer, you will have to contact them directly and the web site has links to their member organizations to help you contact the appropriate departments.

Photo by: Mike Linksvayer