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Security Tip: Door-to-Door Solicitors

Door to Door Solicitor - Photo by: Elizabeth M

Door to Door Solicitors

When I need to purchase something, I don’t hope that someone will walk up to me house and knock on my door to sell it to me. Today’s door-to-sales seem to revolve around magazine subscriptions and household cleaners. The State Attorney General’s Office, the Better Business Bureau, municipalities and local chambers of commerce annually receive thousands of complaints regarding the behavior of the salespeople and the poor customer service provided by the represented companies. Unfortunately, Multnomah and Clackamas Counties do not require a permit for door-to-door salespeople so the only “defenses” are to post “No Soliciting” signs, don’t answer the door for solicitors or telling them that you don’t buy anything at your door. Unfortunately, when you tell the salesperson that you are not interested, the high-pressure tactics come out. The salespeople will appeal to your softer side to help them out even if you don’t want the product. When that doesn’t work, they often blame your lack of interest on your “racism”. Unfortunately when your neighbors become victims and purchase products or subscriptions, it encourages these groups to return. I encourage you to read the articles at the web site links listed below.

"The Atlantic" magazine has a long article describing how the industry works and the pressure placed on the people sent to your door.  The Portland Tribune had a two part story about the companies that lure young adults in to a situation nearly equivalent to indentured servitude. The Portland Police posted an article describing violations of law commonly committed by these groups and the State Attorney General’s Office published a press release that also describes some of the crimes that one particular group committed while they were in the state. You can also use Internet searches for complaints about door-to-door sales groups. The bottom line is that you should not give any money to these groups and be firm when you tell the salespeople that you will not be buying anything from them.

Photo by: Elizabeth M