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Security Tip: Layered Approach

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No Quick Fix!

Security is inherently a preventive process. The core idea is to make the risk of being caught, or otherwise unsuccessful, not worth the reward gained by the criminal behavior. The higher value of the potential target will necessitate more resources being applied to the security of that object. It is easy to determine that it is not worth installing a $5000 alarm system to protect a $500 bicycle. It should be an easy decision to purchase and use a $100 lock to secure a $1000 bicycle. Objects are easier to quantify, but a harder question is how much should you spend to protect yourself or your family? That is a question that can only be answered by you.

I am a firm believer in the layered approach to security. That means you can’t do one thing to secure your home or business. Becoming “secure” is an ongoing process of small steps. Each step will not make you “safe”, but together those steps make you a harder target for criminals. That process also allows you to decide when the protections you have taken are “secure enough”.

In Security Tips area of my web site, I will detail some of the steps you can take if you want to take additional steps towards being “more secure”. Just like accomplishing all these steps would take some time, writing them will take time. Check back or subscribe to the RSS feed on the Security Tips page to read the articles as they are published. If you have suggestions for additional topics or any questions, please use the “Contact Us Now” button to get a hold of me.