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Security Tip: Vehicle Security

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Vehicle Security

Vehicles are common targets of thieves. When thieves are checking vehicles, they are looking for something they can steal where the risk is less than the reward. If you leave your vehicle unlocked, thieves will open the door and search for something of value to take. If you lock your vehicle doors, but leave something of possible value visible, a thief will likely take the risk of breaking a window to steal that item. Laptops, GPS units, cell phones, briefcases or even your music CD’s are all potential targets. Even high end shopping bags are tempting targets, even if they don’t contain anything from those stores. The thief cannot tell if that Nordstrom’s bag contains a new handbag or dirty gym clothes.

Today, most new vehicles have ignition intervention systems that prevent the engine from being started without a programmed transponder key near the vehicle. That will prevent your vehicle from being driven away unless you leave a key in the vehicle. If a thief finds a key consider your vehicle gone. If the police may find your vehicle, it will likely be missing a lot of parts. It will likely be headed out of the country within hours of being stolen. Don’t leave spare keys in the glove box, center console or above the visor in your vehicle. You may also consider not keeping vehicle keys near the door in your home. You don’t need to make it easy for a burglar to steal your TV by letting them take it away in your SUV.

Photo by: Wonderlane