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Summer and Early Fall 2014 Crime

I wanted to pass along some additional information about crimes that have occurred since my email discussing the burglaries on June 25th. The theme is that there has been an increase in crime over the summer and more so this early fall.

There have been two additional burglaries. They did not occur on the same night, but more than a week apart and in very different parts of the neighborhood. In both cases, the homes were vacant at the time of the burglaries. One house did not have an alarm system. That house was thoroughly searched and left in a complete mess by the criminal. A burglar alarm was active and armed at the second house and was immediately activated when the criminal threw a rock through a window. That home also had an independent video camera set up and captured images of the suspect checking for unlocked doors and looking under the door mat for a “hidden” key. The suspect left after the alarm activated and never entered the second home. I recommend that people use their alarm systems for the reasons I have discussed in this article.

Other crime reports include a bicycle stolen from a garage, a purse and briefcase stolen from a vehicle (windows down) during the early evening and electronic items stolen from a trailered boat.

More recently, mail was stolen from multiple mailboxes on either Saturday October 4th, or Monday October 6th. The mail was taken from mailboxes different parts of the neighborhood (Military Lane, Breyman Avenue, Palatine Hill Road and Riverwood Road). A resident in Sherwood found the pile of mail on the street near her house and was able to track down one of the victims. The mail had been opened and the suspects discarded what they did not need. At least one of the victims uses a locking mailbox. That mailbox was not damaged suggesting that the criminals reached through the slot the Letter Carrier uses to deposit mail in the box or they have keys for mailboxes. Locking mailboxes have several benefits over the standard mailbox, but you should not leave mail in them to the point where it is showing through the slot or easily reached by people with small hands.

Most recently a car was stolen from a home on Greenwood Road near Riverside Drive overnight Friday October 10th. I don’t have many details about the condition the car was left in overnight, but I suspect that the vehicle was not locked and that a “spare” key was found inside. Theft of newer vehicles is difficult unless you have a key that is electronically linked to the ignition system.

I found a blue nylon school style notebook and a hands-free Bluetooth speaker system discarded on the side of the road. That suggests that there are other victims of the criminals that were going through cars Friday night, but it could be from outside the Dunthorpe area. There was no names in the stuff I found, but if you think they might be yours, please contact me so we can get it back to the rightful owner.

Reports of crime occurring in the John’s Landing area have also increased. There was a report of an armed robbery on the street, multiple cases of vandalism where windows were broken, car windows broken and items stolen from inside the car and homeless persons camping near buildings.

It would be easy to read this list and be afraid of rising crime rates. I would challenge you to channel that “fear” in to taking actions to prevent yourself from becoming a victim. Follow good vehicle security practices. Use your home alarm systems, especially when no one is home. Don’t leave valuables outside, unsecured, especially items that are easy to carry or small enough to conceal. I have “Tips” and archived newsletters posted on my website at I post reports of criminal activity on our Facebook page at (No Facebook account is required to view) and I post links to the same information via Twitter at Lastly, feel free to contact me if you ever have any questions.